Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Random- But is it really?

I usually do not write.
At least, not in public. I lack the general security and confidence. But I do need to test my skills somewhere. Somewhere where people can not laugh at my face if I do suck. What better place than this? So finally, after all these years, as of 1.18 a.m, 4th March 2009, I am a finally a blogger.
Now, I will (or rather, I hope I will) think of this as a medium between me and myself, from here to beyond. A place to think, a place to express, a place to realize.
'Of House Elves and Children's tales, of love, loyalty and innocence' is one of my favourite phrases from Harry Potter. I trust in the belief that names have power. Unbeknown and unexplained. Maybe they are better left that way. But names do have powers. And coincidences do not happen. The world was created for a reason, people. And while random things can and do exist, even they do have some hidden and uncomprehensible meaning. Karma exists and she is a bitch. And no matter what you say, I have learnt more from Calvin and Hobbes and Harry Potter than I have learnt from my 13 years of schooling and studies.
Just a collection of my random thoughts- one glimpse into the thoughts that run in my mind an hour before I drift away to the sweet and mystic land of sleep and dreams. They do look random, but in real- are they?

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