Saturday, May 15, 2010


There is love. And then there is all consuming, irrevocable, irreplaceable love.
In love, you need the other person to be there for you. And when they are not there, you miss them.
In irrevocable love, you don't need the person. You don't even miss them, because you know that they are a part of you. A part of your being, your existence.
So, how can you miss someone who is a part of your own self? Someone who is in every breath you take, every song you sing? Someone who is present in every word you write, every raindrop that touches your skin?
You can't. And you don't. Because when you really really love a person, distance is not a matter. When your souls are bound together, it doesn't matter if you are not physically together. When you love each other, you do that because it is the only thing to do. The natural thing. Like breathing. It is something you live for. Without which, life would just be a meaningless existence.
I don't know how long i will wait for you. I don't know if i will love you forever. But I love you today, and that is what matters. And I will wait for you as long as i can, i will love you for as long as i can. And I will hope, that no matter where you are, no matter how far, you will hear these words whenever I utter them.