Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Far Away

The cold morning mist hugged the trees close to its bosom. The long winding road promised a long, happy journey, if not a destination. But it was perfect. It was exactly what I was looking for. To the side, there was a mountainous road that would lead me further away from civilization, further into the heart of nature. I trotted along the path, at my own pace. I had nothing to worry about here.

I walked further on. The faithful dog that I had named Doggie ran ahead of me, sniffing at plants, sensing things that only dogs seem to sense. The rain kept beating against my skin. Patter Patter. Not the kind of rain you find in the middle of the city. No. This rain was cruel and relentless. And somehow, that made it purer.

The world looked so different. So much more pristine. Untouched. Like a virgin. It felt like I was the first person to walk this path since the beginning of time. But who knows? Maybe I was. It sure felt that way. I plucked out a couple of leeches that were stuck to my feet like, well, leeches. I looked up, at the wet, gravelly road that stretched endlessly ahead, the mountains on my side, the forest that was crawling with so many untold, hidden secrets. Doggie stood there, in the middle of the road. He looked at me, with his head tilted. I could almost hear him ask me, what's holding you back?

Nothing, i replied. Nothing is holding me back.