Monday, June 29, 2009

The Faerie Princess

Once upon a time in a land far far away, lived a Faerie Princess. She draped the beams of sunshine around her as a robe and walked on a road made from moonlight. She carried in her heart love that knew no bounds and happiness that made everyone around her feel happy. She was the most beautiful faerie in the land, both inside and out. She was the favourite of not only the other magical creatures of the land, but also her fellow faeries. Even when everything was lost and the world seemed dark, her smile would give everyone hope and her words would make them feel like there was hope in the world. She was their pride, their joy, their friend, their fellow-in-arms, their guide, their hope and their love.
But one day, she broke a feather. She was fluttering high up in the heavens, sprinkling joy over the world like glitter when a storm hit. She fought as hard as she could, but finally succumbed to the pressure of the strong blowing wind. Her feather broke and the tears came streaming down her face. She weeped as she fell through the clouds and the clouds weeped with her, for her. She weeped for what had been and what could have. She weeped for what would be. The tears just kept flowing...
But suddenly, she wasn't falling anymore. She opened her eyes and realized that she was being borne by the other faeries. They smiled at her, reassuringly, though they knew that it was barely a fraction of the reassurance her presence always guaranteed them. They slowly descended through the clouds and brought her back to the earth. The Princess opened her eyes. All the creatures that she had ever touched in her life, all the creatures who loved her and cherished her were awaiting her return. And when they saw that their Beloved Faerie Princess was safe, a smile lit up each of their faces.
And it was then she realized that those smiles were proof that she had a reason to live. She was their sunshine. Their Faerie Princess.